Linky Love #2: Carnival Cruise Line’s CRM Failure

It is said to be one of the high-profiled incidents since the Titanic sank 100 years ago. On January 13, 2012 the Costa Concordia, a cruiser owned by Carnival, struck a rock and sank off the island of Giglio. 17 passengers died and 15 are still missing after the fatal accident. Normally, you would think that the company responsible would do everything in their power to make up for what happened. Unfortunately, that is not the case in this situation.

Carnival has denied any reports that it would offer 30% off future cruises to families who have been affected by the tragedy. Instead, they are offering $14,500 each in compensation plus the cost of travel and a refund for the cruise. I agree with FOX Business when they said, “…its failure to douse rumors before they spread like wildfire didn’t help its PR battle.” By not being able to counter rumors before they spread, only made Carnival look worse in the eyes of the public by not promising them something they believed to be true. As if the company’s CRM behavior couldn’t get worse, CEO Micky Arison has only made a few appearances concerning this matter via Twitter and a short statement on the matter. He has chosen to let Concordia operator Costa Cruises and their lesser-known Italian subsidiary handle the situation instead. Observers are complaining over the fact that Carnival has not taken an active crisis management role. Their lack of communication is leaving observers worried and angered! In addition, Arison’s actions don’t reassure any of Carnival’s customers that they are trustworthy or reliable company. It’s your company; you have to deal with it!  If I were Arison, I would think twice before I make my next move.


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One response to “Linky Love #2: Carnival Cruise Line’s CRM Failure”

  1. shawnajwidmer says :

    I heard at one point they offered just a small amount of money off the next purchase of a ticket for those affected. Can you imagine? I’ve always had a fear of big boats… for example, cruise lines. I feel like something that heavy and large should not float. This story literally made my knees weak when I heard it. I’m glad that better negotiations for compensation are in the works. Thanks for sharing!

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