Linky Love #1: Optimizing Your Social Media Schedule

This is my first “Linky Love” post. Linky Love posts are weekly responses to a blog post of my choice from a list provided my professor Kelli Matthews.

In my last post, “Poor sCRM At It’s Finest” I gave an example of what happens when one is not a responsible social media user. Have no fear though, Ashley Zeckman, a blogger for Top Rank has provided 4 tips for avoiding the social media time suck. These tips are meant to help you stay on track, and I think they are pretty good. Have a listen…

According to a study by eMarketer, 73% of marketers say that finding time to create social media content is their greatest marketing challenge.

Ashley’s first tip, “avoiding shiny object pitfalls”. We all know how easy it is to get distracted, especially when we are doing something we don’t really want to do. In order to avoid temptation, prioritize your week ahead of time so you have that time designated time everyday to work on social media. While you may find this to be tedious, I’m almost positive you will be happy you did it in the long run!

Ashley’s second tip, “optimize for productivity”. Determine what time of day you are most productive and what activities will take the most time. By doing this you will hopefully be able to organize your time more effectively. To give you a kick in the right direction, Ashley has provided some social media tips that will help you with your social media optimization and time management.


  • 5pm – best time to Tweet for re-tweets
  • 1-4 per hour – most effective frequency of Tweets
  • Midweek & Weekends – best days to Tweet
  • Noon & 6pm – best time to Tweet for increase Click Through Rates


  • Saturday- best day to share on Facebook
  • Noon- most effective time to share on Facebook
  • .5 per day – best sharing frequency

Ashley’s third tip, “tips for optimized focus”. We must eliminate distractions so we can focus on the task at hand, such as social media! Here are some of the things she does to stay on track that you can use and adapt into your daily schedule.

  • Closing my email when I’m working on social media tasks
  • Close all Internet windows and tabs except for the one I need to work on
  • Disabling chat or closing chat windows to avoid distraction
  • Pick 15 minutes a day to indulge in activities such as checking personal social media profiles, responding to texts, or chatting with friends.
  • Spend 30 minutes to an hour each morning reviewing emails and responding, do the same thing before leaving at the end of the day.
  • It is significantly easier to stick to your schedule if you are working ONLY on the tasks you have scheduled in the time allotted.

Her last tip, “tools for optimizing time” lists various sites that can make your social media tasks simpler yet more effective. She has provided a list of sites to choose from depending on what your trying to do. I have taken it upon myself to pick my favorites as a second opinion. As far as curation tools, I would recommend, Pearltrees. It’s easy to use and makes sharing easy. If you are looking to organize and better manage your social media, TweetDeck is the best tool for that. It neatly organizes your Twitter feeds into columns that are easy to read and search. Lastly, if you are interested in social bookmarking tools, I recommend Delicious. It’s has a user friendly interface that makes social bookmarking and sharing a breeze.

I hope these tips help you become a social media rock star!


About JonnyWeiss

My name is Jonathan Weiss, but my friends call me Jonny. People always tell me that my name takes too long to say. I think those people are lazy, but I like the name “Jonny” so I’m keeping it for now. I’m always on the go, and usually I'm doing too many things at once. I guess I attribute that that to my A.D.D. My mind can sometimes seem like it’s moving at the speed of light, GOING GOING GOING… My idea book goes with me everywhere. I’ll bring it out at the most random of times to jot down an idea, doesn’t matter where I am. I got my first pair of glasses in the third grade; And yes, I’m considered legally blind without them or my contacts while driving a moving vehicle. I’ve been called a city kid because I’m from Los Angeles, but I don’t let that stereotype define me. I like to find the balance between the simple and complex things in life. Stick around for the ride (if you trust me in a moving vehicle) and hold on for dear life.

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