Why Your Company Should Be Using Social CRM

For those of you who are not familiar with social Consumer Relationship Management. a.k.a. sCRM, here is an overview of the topic.

sCRM allows for brands and businesses to build a personal relationship with their consumers. In a world where new competition is popping up all the time, it is important that brands/business establish themselves in their market. This is important when ensuring high levels of customer satisfaction, high levels of customer return rates, and how your brand/business is perceived by the general public. In turn, your brand/business can make adjustments to fit the needs of their target audience thus building a symbiotic relationship in a sense. If your customers feel as though their thoughts and opinions are not being heard, it can negatively impact your brand/business. We live in a world where consumers are becoming ever more demanding of their favorite brands/businesses and it has become easier for them to do so! Brands and businesses that don’t engage in social media and customer relationships via social media will face a very rough future if they aren’t dealing with it already.

I found this great infographic that breaks down the sCRM process while searching Mashable that was created by Jacob Morgan of Chess Media.

It is Important to Understand Who the Social Customer is. 

-The social customer learns about current events mainly through Twitter and Facebook.

-They take their social network’s opinion about products and brands very seriously when making purchasing decisions.

-The social customer is not a quiet one. They expect brands to interact and engage with them via social media. This could be via Twitter, Facebook or any other social media site. This requires brands to be active in the same social media outlets that they use.

– You as a brand must earn their trust because the social customer wears the pants in the relationship!

Earn Their Trust!

Because social customers have so much power it is important that you get to know them!

Brands/businesses can’t call all the shots anymore. The consumer is louder than ever and if you as brand/business aren’t listening, you are foolish! A big part of earning the trust of your consumers is ensuring that you are being transparent. Transparency proves to your customers that you have nothing to hide and that you always being open and honest with them. Examples of transparency includes something as simple as not deleting tweets after you posted them. Secrets don’t make friends and the same rule applies to customers.

Customer trust becomes extremely important when brand image becomes collaboratively shaped by both the brand itself and it’s consumers. This is a result of participating in sCRM but don’t be afraid, this kind of collaborative relationship allows for the brand to grow. You have to be willing to let go of total message control in order for this kind of relationship to work. The more message control a brand gives up, the more collaboratively they will be able to shape themselves and their messages with their customers. A brand that has a trusting relationship with their customers will have an easier time when making this transition.

You MUST be consistent and prompt when responding to customers via social media. Social customers, just like anyone, will think that you don’t care about them if you don’t take the time to respond to them within an appropriate time frame.



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