10 Brands That Are Doing It Right!

Below I have listed the top 10 brands in my opinion that are using social media via Twitter to their advantage to improve their CRM and sCRM. I suggest you take a look at them and let me know what you think! These are not ranked in any specific order!


2. Ford- Social Media Manager: @ScottMonty

3. Southwest: @SouthwestAir

4. Starbucks: @Starbucks

5. Jet Blue: @JetBlue

6. Huffington Post: @HuffingtonPost

7. Best Buy- Keith Burtis: @BestBuyRemix

8. Zappos: @Zappos

9. Nike: @Nike

10. Google: @GoogleResearch


About JonnyWeiss

My name is Jonathan Weiss, but my friends call me Jonny. People always tell me that my name takes too long to say. I think those people are lazy, but I like the name “Jonny” so I’m keeping it for now. I’m always on the go, and usually I'm doing too many things at once. I guess I attribute that that to my A.D.D. My mind can sometimes seem like it’s moving at the speed of light, GOING GOING GOING… My idea book goes with me everywhere. I’ll bring it out at the most random of times to jot down an idea, doesn’t matter where I am. I got my first pair of glasses in the third grade; And yes, I’m considered legally blind without them or my contacts while driving a moving vehicle. I’ve been called a city kid because I’m from Los Angeles, but I don’t let that stereotype define me. I like to find the balance between the simple and complex things in life. Stick around for the ride (if you trust me in a moving vehicle) and hold on for dear life.

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